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Why sing?

Singing is good for you! Many studies done over a number of years have focused on the health benefits of singing, and the evidence is overwhelming.
  • Singing releases endorphins into your system and makes you feel energized and uplifted. People who sing are healthier than people who don’t.
  • Singing gives the lungs a workout.
  • Singing tones abdominal and inter-costal muscles and the diaphragm, and stimulates circulation.
  • Singing makes us breathe more deeply than many forms of strenuous exercise, so we take in more oxygen, improve aerobic capacity and experience a release of muscle tension as well.
  • Singing improves your mood. It releases the same feel-good brain chemicals as chocolate!
  • It is very effective as a stress reliever and improves sleep.
  • Singing releases pain-relieving endorphins, helping you to forget that painful tooth/ knee/ whatever.
  • Your posture improves.
  • Lung capacity increases.
  • Singing clears sinuses and respiratory tubes.
  • Your mental alertness improves.
  • Singing tones your facial and stomach muscles.
  • It boosts your immune system, helping to fight disease and prolonging life expectancy.
  • Your confidence increases.
  • Singing widens your circle of friends.
  • Singing increases poise, self-esteem and presentation skills.
  • Singing strengthens concentration and memory.
  • Singing develops the lungs and promotes superior posture.
  • Singing broadens expressive communication.
  • Singing adds a rich, more pleasant quality to speech.
  • Singing animates the body, mind and spirit.
  • Singing enables the performer to delve into characterization/acting.
  • Singing stimulates insight into prose and poetry and piques interests in the inner meaning of words.
  • Singing enriches one’s ability to appreciate the art of great singers.
  • Singing is therapeutic both emotionally and physically. 
  • Singing is an ageless enjoyment – you are never too young or too old.

“Singing fortifies health, widens culture, refines the intelligence, enriches the imagination, makes for happiness and endows life with an added zest,” says the American Academy of Teachers of Singing.

Excerpted from “Life-Affirming Benefits of Singing: Vocalizing Promotes Well-Being”, The Pitch Pipe, July 2011.