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Joan Lockhart 1932-2012

July 8, 1932 - August 6, 2012
Joan was a member of Orangeville Chorus for over 25 years, having been ‘hooked’ after seeing the chorus perform at the Orangeville Mall. She always thought that was the best place to sing to attract new members.
    Joan was a member of the tenor section, Section Leader for many years, and her high notes are legendary. Her voice lives on in the hearts of those who knew her well. Her life mirrored her singing and she sang with joy, and always hit the notes bang on. Joan never sang flat and you never saw her have a ‘flat day’, as even in the toughest challenges of her life, she always kept a positive outlook. She also never sang ‘sharp’ and again in life, rarely uttered a ‘sharp’ word about anyone… thinking only the best about all with whom she came in contact.
    Joan participated on the Board, Costume Team and Music Team and assisted PR with creating posters, often helped by her granddaughter Katerina.  
    Chorus became a family affair in 2003 when daughter Shelley joined the chorus, and Joan, Shelley and Katerina were all on stage in 2005 at the Musical Mosaic Show… Joan and Shelley in the chorus and Katerina with the TOYS Choir.  She and Shelley competed together in the Regional chorus competition four times. Joan was also thrilled to sing with Orangeville Chorus at the UNESCO Palace in Paris, in January 2003, when the chorus took part in an International Music Festival.
    Joan sang Tenor in six different quartets, all with Anne Richardson as the lead. She and Anne were in the first Orangeville Chorus quartet to compete Regionally, Perspicacity, in 1989 in Albany with Ruth Bren and Colleen Christian. Comedy was a huge part of Joan's quartet life. Many will recall her cavorting with a duck, going on a diet, being a darling little old lady, and singing about Hippopotamuses… one of her favourites! Joan also sang in many double quartets… a memorable one being ‘Desperate Divas’ at Music School in 2005, where Shelley was also a participant.
    Joan could be heard, just before beginning to sing at a quartet rehearsal, to say one of two things: 
"I just need a little sip," and she would grab her water bottle, or sometimes her wine glass; and the ever famous "What’s the first word?"  Once both were accomplished she never missed a beat or a note right through to the tag!
    In 2006 Joan Lockhart was named Sweet Adeline of the Year by her fellow chorus members. She retired from the chorus in 2007 after receiving her 25-year pin, and continued to be a great supporter of the chorus, remaining as an Associate Member until 2010. Joan joined the Lord Dufferin Centre Choir when she became a resident there and was pleased to sing and reconnect with former chorus member and friend,  Vi Patterson.
    We knew her as Joanie, and some knew her as 'Legs Lockhart'… her colourful tights being part of many flamboyant outfits that often included hats!
    As Joanie takes her place in the 'Angel Choir', she will need no audition, the first word will most likely always be "Hallelujah", and her light will ever shine.