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Alma Townsend

Alma Jayne Townsend

March 24, 1925 - August 15, 2009

Alma Townsend, Charter Member of Orangeville Chorus, passed away on August 15, 2009 at the age of 84.

Alma was a member of the Bass Section and sang with the chorus for several of our early years. She was on the contest stage with the chorus at our very first competition in Hamilton in April of 1983.

She was a most musical gal… an organist and choir leader (our own Leila Brown sang in her choir at Monticello United Church). She was an accomplished accompanist who most recently played for Quartet Plus One. Alma was the ‘Plus One’! Shirley Jemmett, another former chorus member, was part of that group.
Alma was a gentle soul, but a determined and capable woman, and always available to lend a helping hand. She was engaging and supportive, and her sense of humour was contagious. She will be missed.