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Dress rehearsal performances - Oct 17

We are at capacity for our venue.
Be sure to watch our performance from Denver on the International webcast.

This dress rehearsal is the last opportunity for the Orangeville Chorus to 
perform their entertainment package for their friends, family and fans 
before they head off to the International stage for the first time...
to Sweet Adelines International's Harmony Classic competition in Denver, CO!

When: Wednesday . Oct 17 

Two shows:  7:15 - 8:00 pm
                    8:30 - 9:15 pm


The Harmony Classic competition 
is presented in two halves - Division A and Division AA. 
The first half includes the five highest-ranked A-sized choruses (15-30 members) across the Sweet Adelines International organization from the 2011 competition season. The second half includes the five highest-ranked AA-sized choruses (31-60 members). This is how the Orangeville Chorus qualified and will be Contestant #1. Allowing for growth since the spring of 2011, Division AA choruses may bring up to 70 members to this contest. Orangeville will be bringing 61 members.

Choruses are required to present a performance package of 12-15 minutes. Two contest-worthy songs are included for scoring; plus, a score is assessed for the entertainment value of the entire package.

Watch our performance on the Sweet Adelines International webcast. It's free! 

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