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Leila Brown, Assistant Director

Leila Brown found the Orangeville Chorus  within weeks of moving to Orangeville in 1995. She joined as a baritone but soon found her rightful place as a bass. Leila was appointed Assistant Director in 2012 and earned her designation as Certified Director from      Sweet Adelines International in 2013 as part of their Director Certification Program. Leila also contributes to the musical excellence of the chorus as a member of the Music Team, as  Bass Section Leader, by conducting vocal warm-ups, and by providing personal vocal instruction (PVIs) to individual members and coaching to quartets. 

Appointed Webmaster in 2008, Leila developed and grew three websites for the Orangeville Chorus - this one, another for members only, and a third to support prospective members. As Technical Chair, Leila also brought the chorus into the digital age by broadcasting rehearsals and coaching sessions online, training and supporting members in their use of digital recorders, and creating a social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. Leaving 
both these teams in good hands, Leila recently stepped away from these positions to focus on her musical leadership roles.

Leila has been competing in quartets since 1998, including Just Jazzin', Majority Rules, C-Cruise, Uproar and Running With ScissorsIn 2003, C-Cruise won the Region 16 quartet championship and went on to compete in the International competition in Phoenix, Arizona. Leila’s last quartet venture, Running With Scissors, competed as wildcard contestants in the International competition in Honolulu, Hawaii in 2013.

Leila often organizes chorus social gatherings... including potluck dinner/rehearsals for the bass section, euchre tournaments, and hosts her annual webcast parties, where members gather to watch the quartet and chorus finals broadcasted from the International convention. 

Leila supports Sweet Adelines International's Region 16 as Assistant Director Coordinator on the Education Director's resource team. She administers the website for the Region 16 Blue Ribbon Club. Leila also coaches other choruses in the region.

During the day, Leila is an Emergency and Contingency Planning Specialist. She was a Disaster Management volunteer with the Canadian Red Cross for many years, responding to local emergencies that included the Midland and Vaughan tornadoes, and the Burlington train derailment. Leila deployed to New York City in 2012 to support the American Red Cross following the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. She also deployed out west in 2011 in response to the Saskatchewan and Slave Lake wildfires. 

When she's not working or singing, Leila is out with her camera. An award-winning photographer, Leila specializes in landscapes, travel photography and family portraits.

Leila lives in Orangeville with Henry, her very supportive fiancé. They have four children who recently graduated university.